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Emergent Strategy, by adrienne maree brown, is an exploration of radical social change, inspired by both science and science fiction. From explorations of biomimicry in nature to the work of Octavia Butler, this book acts as a valuable handbook focused on collaborative community transformation looking towards alternative and utopian futures.

Join us for a book group utilizing adrienne’s own tools for facilitation Mondays in August—8/3, 8/10, 8/17, and 8/24—at 6pm on Zoom. We'll read 3 chapters a week. 

Whether you’re already familiar with emergent strategy or you’re seeking new pathways for community change, come discuss and listen! We will talk about everything from afrofuturism and poetry, to nonlinear healing, to the ways we pursue change. With defunding and abolition of the carceral system in mind, we will collaborate towards a general roadmap to engage with emergent strategy in our own communities.

Please register and sign up to receive news about other BPL virtual programming. Registration is limited to 30 participants, with a waiting list.

This is the second installment of Justice Initiatives’ book club. We’ll invite readers to dive into a new title every month, sparking conversations about social justice, dismantling oppressive systems, and fostering collective action.

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