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Freedom of Speech & Assembly After Charlottesville is a series of conversations with writers, academics, and legal experts on First Amendment rights. This week we are joined by special guest Nico Perrino.

These sessions will be moderated by Dr. Norman Finkelstein and are free to the public.

Nico Perrino is director of communications for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a national, nonprofit organization devoted to defending and sustaining civil liberties in higher education. He is also the host of So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast.

Norman  Finkelstein received his doctorate in political theory in 1988 from the Princeton University Politics Department. He taught for two decades in the CUNY system, NYU and DePaul University (in Chicago). He has lectured on a broad range of subjects, and has written ten books that have been translated into more than 50 foreign editions. Finkelstein's main fields of research and teaching are political theory, international law, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

*Registration for each session will be limited to 35 participants. A short reading will be distributed to registered participants one week in advance of the event.

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