Massive worldwide ransomware attacks, the usage of datasets to segment entire populations for advertisers and politicians alike, an uphill battle to protect your information and uphold your privacy – these are truly scary issues that affect us all! So how can we protect ourselves and each other?

Enter Data Detox Day, a one-day program/experience to bring these issues to the forefront of the conversation and give everyone the education and tools they need to take control of their information. This event will be a genuine “Haunted House” of data insecurities, along with a staff of "Data Doctors” offering triage to help you detoxify your data. Modeled after last year's Glass Room exhibit in NYC, this program takes advantage of Brooklyn Public Library’s unique role as an inclusive and flexible learning space for the community of Brooklyn.

Artists participating in this event include:

  • Aram Bartholl
  • Sam Lavigne
  • Hang Do Thi Duc
  • Ingrid Burrington
  • Tega Brain

A Brooklyn Incubator Project.

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