Worried that the WWW has you in its Web? Overwhelmed by indiscriminate surveillance, digital harassment, or security leaks of personal identification? You are not alone!

Join the CyPurr Collective for a cryptoparty today. This month we will be focusing on ways to prevent folks from getting in the middle of our super private internet interactions. An agenda for this week's program:

  • Current events!
  • Red v. Blue (Encryption Game)
  • Mini Workshops
    • Intro to Tor and VPN
    • Safe Browsing and You!

Bring your laptop or device, or just come to listen and learn.

The CyPurr Collective is a group of some tech-minded folks who are very jazzed about cybersecurity, cats, and helping folks out with their digital dilemmas. We offer workshops for activists, journalists, educators, and everyday folks who want to up their encryption game!

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