Micky Shorr of the New York Writers' Coalition will facillitate this six-week workshop, open to teens, adults and older adults. 

Micky writes poetry and creative nonfiction, and has had some of her work published in literary journals. She is a trained writing workshop leader with the NY Writers Coalition and has led writing groups in a variety of settings, including other public libraries.

Micky has found that the NYWC method of writing together; offering only positive feedback to those who decide to read what they wrote (no one must read unless they choose to), provides everyone the freedom to write in a supportive environment without judgement, and to hear from others about what they like.

What happens during a NYWC Workshop?

Each week  writing prompts are supplied to the writing group, but workshop members are free to ignore the prompt and write on their own.

Workshop participants write together during the workshop and receive positive, supportive feedback. We do not critique brand new writing because the writer has not yet had a chance to read or revise it. In addition, it is assumed that all writing done in the workshop is fictional.

Workshop leaders also write as part of the group, providing a model for taking risks and showing vulnerability in a group setting. These guidelines ensure that participants feel safe to write and read aloud even the riskiest material.

NYWC workshops provide structure for writers to produce new work on a regular basis. Writers are given the freedom to find and strengthen their individual and unique voices and are encouraged to experiment with form, style, and new genres. Workshop members become part of a creative community, easing some of the isolation that they and those in marginalized groups often encounter.  Learn more about NYWC's workshop method at https://nywriterscoalition.org/ny-writers-coalitions-workshop-method/.

Online registration recommended but not mandatory.

 The Windsor Terrace program ends January 31.  Check nywriterscoalition.org for other programs.


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