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Collage is a versatile art form used by artists for generations in which two- dimensional materials are glued together to create many kinds of imagery. Students in this virtual class will become familiar with well-known collage artists and learn some of their methods. They will be able to make their own collages using materials found at home along with purchased art supplies to develop compositions that reflect their own interests. Using assorted papers, cloth, drawing materials and glue, they will be able to make both abstract and representational pictures. Each class session will include a time for making and a time for sharing work. As participants share and discuss their process and finished work with their peers and instructor, they will be able to form new friendships and a community of artists. To culminate the program, the finished artworks will be displayed in a virtual exhibit for family, friends and the library community to view.

A. These are materials  to purchase that participants will need to have throughout the series.

1. A sharp 5” -7” scissors; 2. An Exacto blade holder with #11 blade; 3. .74 oz size glue stick (Elmer’s or Uhu Stic); 4. Lineco Adhesive ( )

5. Elmer’s Glue All ( ); 6. Flat size 8 bristle brush ( )

7. Paper; 8. Pencil, eraser, sharpie marker

B. These are materials that students may have at home that will be needed for making collage, both to help with the process and/or as materials to use in their artworks.

Pint size plastic take out container; Paper towels; Small clean plain soft sponge; Newspapers; Flat cardboard 11” x 14” or larger; Corrugated cardboard (can be a flattened shipping box); Any and all paper/junk mail from your recycling bin; Use and saved gift wrap; Cards, photos, flyers, posters you have saved as mementos

Magazines, especially if they have a lot of photos; Catalogues; Paper bags—any color; Left over colored paper of any kind; White printer paper; Scrap fabric

C. These are materials that are optional to purchase that can enrich the collage-making experience. Recommend choosing one of the color options, either tempera, watercolor or colored pencil. If you choose tempera, then also purchase the extra brushes.

Tempera paint set: $8.50

Watercolor paint set: comes with a brush $10

Colored pencil set: 24 colors $4

Paint brush set: 4 rounds $3

Larger brush: Oval wash $5

Registration Required. Zoom link will be sent to those registered by 10am the morning of the program.

Additional support for Creative Aging programs at BPL are made possible with support from The Sills Family Foundation; the Laura B. Vogler FoundationLifetime Arts with a grant from The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation; Apple Bank, celebrating over 25 years in Brooklyn and over 155 years of neighborhood banking in greater New York (Visit for more information); and several BPL Friends Groups, Private Funders, and Volunteers.

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