Strengthen your family's language and literacy through storytelling! Creating Our Story Together is a BKLYN Incubator initiative that is a special 10-week oral and written storytelling project for families and their school-age children.

Share your family stories and work with a teaching artist from The Community Word Project to illustrate and transcribe them into a bound book you will get to keep. All families are welcome.

Week 1: What is a story? -- This families will get to know each other and the anthology artist, who will introduce the elements of a story and the art of storytelling. 

Week 2: Tell me your story (part 1) -- The parents will share a story with their children which we will digitally record for use in later sessions. This can be done in their native language, with the option of having it translated into English for the final anthology. 

Week 3: Tell my your story (part 2) -- The children will share a story which we will digitally record for use in later sessions. The facilitator and parents will help the children craft their stories using storytelling cubes and other games and activities. 

Week 4: Listen to my story -- The families will be provided with their digital recordings from weeks 2 and 3. While listening to the recordings they will begin to write begin to write their first draft by transcribing their oral stories. 

This is a free program.

Incubator Project

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