It is a public literary arts project build collaboratively by you and your fellow library patrons. By contributing, you can express yourself through writing, experience and respond to other participating writers, and ultimately create a hand-written time capsule of this neighborhood’s cares, concerns, joys, and frustrations at this moment in time.


Patrons of a small town rural library in Tidewater, Virginia are also building a Word Wall. Once both murals are completed, they will be preserved digitally and then mailed to the partnering library for display. Library patrons in Virginia will read your work and get a glimpse into your life, and you will get the same from them. Both walls will then be catalogued and stored.


Respond to the prompts as much or as little as you wish.

Contribute a few words, a few sentences, a few paragraphs.

Contribute a drawing to help bring the words to life.

Kids and teens welcome to participate!


Visit for more information.

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