Are you interested in zines and comics, but aren't sure where to start? Come to a fun workshop lead by Elvis and Jan, two seasoned comics creators who will bring their enthusiasm for the medium, and also writing prompts and activities. Comics are for everybody - whether you're into superheroes or independent, small booklets, we look forward to playing with character formation, narrative, and sequential experimentation of all kinds.

Co-taught by Elvis B. They are the author of "Homos in Herstory," a gleeful zine journey into queer history. Elvis co-founded the NYC Feminist Zinefest in 2012, and they've given talks at colleges and universities around the Northeast. Check out their website:

Jan Descartes is a Brooklyn-based artist, educator and curator. She is a graduate of Syracuse University (BA), Carnegie Melon University (MFA) and anticipated graduate of CUNY Graduate Center, with a degree focus on Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (MLS). She currently co-curates the Our Comics, Ourselves exhibition with Monica McKelvey Johnson, which focuses on identity and representation. Through her artistic, academic and professional life, art and accessibility has been a major theme, culminating in her current thesis regarding trauma and memory in public aesthetic spaces. Jan is co-creator and artist for the webcomic Heartland Comic, where personal memoir and identity politics meet comix. She is currently involved with planning/organizing outreach projects in NYC, where she hopes to facilitate DIY comic-making as an accessible means to explore personal experience and resistance in the everyday. She also lives with a sweet dog and an angry cat.

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