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AMA – THE MEMORY OF TIME - A documentary film based in the life and death of Jose Feliciano Ama, a spiritual grandmaster, leader and chief of the Izalcos, a Nahuat-Pipil Nation in western El Salvador. This is the story of his family and survivors of the 1932 genocide. Don Juan Ama, nephew of Jose Feliciano, tells the story in an attempt to clear his uncle’s name from historical inaccuracies and restore the family and tribe’s dignity.

AMA was showcased at the 2004 American Indian Film Festival at the Smithsonian in NYC and was the "official selection" for El Salvador at the Amnesty International Film Festival, West Hollywood, 2006 and most recently in a Film Forum in a parallel event with the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2017.

Cine Foro:
EL SALVADOR 1932: The Struggle for Identity, Justice and Truth
Discussion with Daniel Flores Y Ascencio (Filmmaker)

EL SALVADOR 1932, for decades Salvadorans have engaged in an intense debate over “La Matanza”, a series of massacres that killed an estimated 30.000 of Indigenous people in January 1932. Conducted under the leadership of General Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez, the event marked the beginning of a 13 years brutal regime and a paved the way for military dominance for the next several decades. The event also marked a dramatic shift for El Salvador in an era when the Central American nations had conducted its first democratic elections. For Indigenous people, “La Matanza”, was the last chapter in a series of polices and reforms beginning in the 1920’s that sought to privatized ancestral/communal lands as El Salvador transition from an indigo to a coffee producing economy.

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