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Books, libraries and librarians are the subject of January screenings at our Central Library Friday Film Club. From reportage to comedy to war drama, we try to show how films portray one of the greatest goods of humanity - books and libraries.

Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Dir. Ramin Bahrani

In the future, after a second civil war, most reading in America is confined to the Internet, called "the 9," and most books are banned (except for greatly simplified versions of books such as The Bible, To the Lighthouse and Moby Dick). Books are ordered to be burned by the "firemen", who are part of the Ministry, an authoritarian dictatorship that blames unhappiness, mental illness, and conflicting opinions on reading the "wrong" literature.

Guy Montag, a fireman living in Cleveland, goes about his work without question, believing that by following in his captain's footsteps he is serving and protecting society. All this changes when he meets an informant named Clarisse, who makes him challenge his actions and convictions by sharing with him some of the real history of America and the rise of the Ministry.

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