Music arouses constant emotions in us; it accompanies us in every situation of life. The creators of music, composers, are people equipped not only with talent but also with exceptional sensitivity. Their lives are usually turbulent, full of affection and despair, and that is reflected in their work more than once. In January we will show four films about the lives of composers from different historical eras.

Tous Les Matins de Monde

Upon his wife's death, viola da gamba player Monsieur de Sainte Colombe (Jean-Pierre Marielle) is overwhelmed with grief and retreats from the outside world. The musician moves with his two daughters (Anne Brochet, Carole Richert) into a small house in his garden, where he attempts to create a haven. However, word of his musical talent reaches aspiring musician Marin Marais (Guillaume Depardieu, Gérard Depardieu), who intrudes on Colombe's seclusion with the hope of finding a mentor.

The "Lives of Famous Composers" film series screens each Friday in January.  Amadeus will be shown on Friday, January 18.

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