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Funded by the Dyker Library and collaborated by the Paerdegat Library, Henry Li is going to teach via Zoom, livestream his teaching screens on YouTube, and provide the link for the recorded lessons to registered participants.  Please RSVP to register.  

All registrants will receive the Zoom Meeting Invite and the YouTube link via email a few hours before each class.  The Zoom online meeting room will open to admit registered participants at 12:45pm (Eastern Time).  Teaching starts at 1pm (Eastern Time).

Henry Li will teach a special type of watercolor painting techniques using Asian brush and Xuan paper and inspire students to express themselves using such techniques.  Students will develop their color sense, gain skills in composition and balance, and receive feedback in a supportive environment.  Each class will focus on one theme:

Lesson 1 (5/5/2021): Peonies and Butterflies;

Lesson 2 (5/12/2021): Wisteria and Cat;

Lesson 3 (5/19/2021): Rose with Birds and the Moon;

Lesson 4 (5/26/2021): Lotus and Dragonfly.  

All sessions are designed for beginning and intermediate painters.  

Email [email protected] with questions.


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