The Brooklyn Eagle statue that adorns the alcove above our doorway has had a storied journey. From its home atop the Brooklyn Daily Eagle offices in downtown Brooklyn from 1892-1955, to the Brooklyn Historical Society during the late 50’s through the early 90’s, with a 20 year stint in between, at the Brooklyn Museum. The eagle made its final nest here at the Central Library in 1997.

For us, it is more than just a statue. It represents the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a newspaper that ran for over 100 years (1841-1955) and was the newspaper of note for Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Public Library and the Brooklyn Collection have been the proud stewards of the records of the paper since 1957

Visit the Brooklyn Collection, as we present a pop up exhibition, feauring a small selection of items that represent the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper and the story of the eagle statue.

To learn more about the Eagle and its journey, please visit our blog. Brooklynology, and read the investigative piece “The Eagle above our Doorway” by archivist Diana Bowers-Smith and for a chance to name the iconic statue, enter our contest here!

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