“Ranger Eric” as students know him, is a biologist, teacher, photographer, outdoorsman, and overall nature-lover. He started leading nature hikes in 1987 as a Park Ranger in Colorado until he served two years in the US Peace Corps as an Environmental Education Officer. Since then, he has been running nature centers in Colorado, Alabama and New York. In 2005 he started, “Your Connection to Nature” (YC2N), dedicated to meaningful environmental education programs and eco-tourism, these programs connect classrooms to field studies, and give people a better understanding of their local environment. His ongoing wildlife projects include “Save Our Box Turtles,” “Quail vs. Ticks,” “Frog Pond Monitoring” and “Owl Nesting Projects.”

Eric will provide a presentation about his Quail Project, plus animal artifacts, and some small live animals. Learn how you can get involved and make a positive difference in our local environment.

The mission of the Brooklyn Bird Club is to encourage and promote birdwatching and conservation in Brooklyn and beyond.

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