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Antarctica remains one of the most remote and natural places on earth. The wild, rugged scenery includes spectacular icebergs the size of city blocks, snow-covered mountainous peaks, and huge glaciers. It is the breeding grounds for thousands of birds including Snow Petrels, Cape Petrels, Giant Petrels; many species of Penguins, Albatross with wingspans up to 12 feet, and the Skuas and Sheathbills that come to scavenge the nesting areas. It also hosts thousands of huge Elephant, Weddell, Leopard and other seal species along with many whales that all come to feast on the abundant life of the southern ocean.

Join the Brooklyn Bird Club for a photographic extravaganza of this exciting destination. Presented by Tom Stephenson and Rob Bate.

Tom Stephenson has been birding since he was a kid under the tutelage of Dr. Arthur Allen of Cornell University. His articles and photographs are in museums and many publications.  Tom’s latest book, The Warbler Guide, is published by Princeton University Press and recently won the National Outdoor Book Award.

Rob Bate is the president of the Brooklyn Bird Club, an artist, and an avid Brooklyn birder and photographer. He very much enjoyed testing out his new gear in Antarctica.

The mission of the Brooklyn Bird Club is to encourage and promote birdwatching and conservation in Brooklyn and beyond.

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