There are many heroic stories about WWII and the Holocaust. Countless articles have told the tales of resistance fighters, average citizens, businessmen, diplomats, and nuns who risked their lives to protect and save Jews from the Nazis.

This presentation is about a hero of a different kind. Bronisław Huberman did not risk his life, but he had the intelligence and the foresight to realize in the 1930s that Jews had to leave Germany and other countries in Europe if they wanted to survive. This is the story of Bronisław Huberman and the founding of a Jewish orchestra in Palestine.


Peter Aronson, a former lawyer and a former journalist, now writes children's books full-time. He began writing children's books about real people who did extraordinary things after seeing his children read one Dystopian-themed novel after another. He decided to start his Groundbreaker biography series to teach kids about some amazing people who were not commonly known. His Bronisław Huberman book is the first in the Groundbreaker series. The second book in the series, Jeannette Rankin: America's First Congresswoman, will be published May 1.


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