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Join us for bookish fun as we read a book together and do a craft based on the book!



Yellow, Orange, and White construction paper

A Marker 



Stapler (recommended, but not mandatory)


First, start off by making you pieces:

-Cut two strips of yellow paper from the longer direction.

- Cut out two circles from your white paper. Draw and color in semi circles on the bottom using your marker to make eyes.

- Cut out an orange trapezoid to make a beak.

- Trace your hand on the yellow paper twice, and cut them out.

Next, Assemble your hat: staple your two yellow strips of paper together.

After that, glue on your eyes in the middle of the paper. 

Then, glue your orange trapezoid in between the two eyes.

Next, wrap the strip around your head and staple it according to your head side. 

Finally, take your hand print cutouts and staple them to each side of your hat to make feathers.

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