This will be a project based class, where you will build and launch an ecommerce website. In doing so you will learn how to use tools like HTML, CSS, and Python, as well as introductory skills in design, project management, and digital marketing. This is a workshop, so bring a laptop if you have one; otherwise, we will provide one.

This workshop is part 2 of the series "The Beginner's Guide to Building Websites."

Part 1 - Saturday, January 6: Website Design, HTML, and CSS

Part 3 - Saturday, January 20: Multi-Page Websites with Python

Part 4 - Saturday, January 27: Launching and Deploying Websites

Jeff Katz has taught and developed curricula in web development and computer science. He has taught over 200 students how to code, with students going on to work at companies such as Microsoft, LinkedIn and BlackRock. Previously, he developed child welfare software as a developer for Case Commons.

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