A dialog and demonstration featuring Hip Hop legends and contributors to the culture

In this four-part series, we will present major Hip Hop legends discussing their craft and contributions to Hip Hop culture. They’ll also give a hands-on demonstration of their art and music in the library’s own recording studio.

MC Kamron and DJ Skribble (originally from the Young Black Teenagers), along with Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy) will share some of their expertise in the music industry. 

Part 1 - Wednesday, February 6: MC Sadat X and DJ I-Truth

Part 2 - Wednesday, February 13: Toni Blackman, Drez, Mike Loe, and DJ Strike

Part 3 - Wednesday, February 20: MC El De Sensei, Scram Jones, Cus and Matt "Fingaz" Schlit

The conversations will be facilitated by artist/producer Will Tell.

Brought to you by Hip Hop Loves Foundation creator/innovator Rene John-Sandy.

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