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Come meet Marian O'Shea Wernicke, author of a new novel "Toward Which That Is Beautiful" and ask her questions in person over Zoom video conferencing.  The book will be released on 9/29/2020 and a digital version will be provided if you register before the event.  Please rsvp.  Each registrant will receive an email containing the Zoom link at 9:45 am (EST) on Tuesday 9/29/2020.  The Zoom online meeting room will open to admit registered participants also at 9:45am that day.  Contact Paerdegat Library Book Club Leader if you have questions: [email protected]

Excerpts of advanced praise:

“In her novel, Wernicke, a former nun who once worked in Peru, turns what could be a simple tale of forbidden romance into something far more complex. . . . A moving, emotionally resonant tale of one woman’s crisis of faith.”  --Kirkus Reviews

"Marian O'Shea Wernicke offers us a journey of discovery, both for Sister Mary Katherine - better known as Kate - a twenty-five-year old American nun who back in 1964 finds herself teaching Spanish and Aymara in a land of foreign not only to her but to us.  It's a journal not only for her, but for those of us trying to discern God's will.  Here is a fascinating, unsettling rite of passage through the highlands of Bolivia and the wastelands and cities of Peru, but even more that terra incognita of one's interior landscape, one made up of unequal parts of passionate desire, painful self-knowledge (or its lack), as well as the need for self-sacrifice for a higher Good.  A journey, then, toward that which is truly beautiful, but which will leave us with lifelong scars, but also with a deeper, fuller sense of who we really are and of who we were always meant to be."  --Paul Mariani, Chair in English at Boston College; a poet and author of several biographies of poets, including Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Carlos Williams, Hart Crane, Robert Liowell, and John Berryman

"Not Since Bel Canto have I enjoyed a novel set in South America as much as I have Toward That Which Is Beautiful.  Wernicke's Beautiful prose is as enchanting as the story's mountainous landscape and the main characters' love affair.  Her writing transports the reader, like a masterful prose poem.  Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it oen."  --Herta Feely, suthor of Saving Phoebe Murrow, winner of the Independent Press Award in women's fiction

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