A podcasting event for audio and journalism fans.

Bring your phone, bring your Zoom H4, bring your college note recorder, or bring your 1991 Walkman! Bring anything you can to record quickly and easily, at a fun new audio event.

Everyone attending will be provided a topic and sample questions, and then you’ll conduct 5- to 10-minute interviews with one another. After the first hour, you’ll have another 45 minutes to freely gather any more audio through follow-ups, new interviews, or field recordings in and around the library.

At our Audio Hop, you’ll have a chance to hone your interview skills, learn how to maximize your ability to create a high-quality audio recording, get tips on how to create a smooth edited piece, and have fun meeting your fellow audiophile Brooklynites!

Participants will then use this gathered material to make a short piece of edited audio on their own. Experiments and creativity are highly encouraged. Take risks! Next week, on June 27 at 7pm, we will meet up again for an audio party and discussion about the pieces created from this week.

Event coordinators:

Tim Barnes is a Los Angeles-born Brooklyn-based comedian and writer whose absurdist humor brings light to social issues from unexpected angles. Tim has written for The AV Club and the NPR quiz show, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! He is the creator and host of the acclaimed interview/storytelling podcast It’s All True!, which was formerly in the WBEZ network of podcasts and features conversations with prominent entertainers including Eddie Izzard, Wyatt Cenac, Issa Rae, and more.

Rob Schulte is a podcast host, editor, and producer; a comedian; writer; theatrical director; and show runner.

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