Artist Anne Mourier’s work implements the materials and heritage of women’s craftwork to continue the dialogue about values and women’s rights in contemporary society.

For four days in September, you will find the artist in the Grand Lobby sitting quietly at a table, embroidering words that express her vision for women, along with names of noteworthy women from Brooklyn’s history. You are invited to watch, talk or embroider with her.

The title of the performance comes from Stephan Bollman’s visual essay, Women Who Read Are Dangerous. Literacy among women has historically been perceived as dangerous or threatening to existing power structures. An accompanying display in the Grand Lobby features banned books by women authors, focusing on reading and literacy as primary vehicles for female empowerment and cultural discourse.

Performance Dates (Central Library-Grand Lobby):

Friday, September 7, 12-5pm 

Saturday, September 8, 12-5pm 

Friday, September 14, 12-4 pm 

Saturday, September 15, 12-5 pm 

Artist’s Website

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