Through the redemptive story of one immigrant, his family, and his community, this program will look at the relationship between the criminal justice and immigration systems.

Khalil A. Cumberbatch is a formerly incarcerated advocate for social justice movements and has worked within the reentry community in NYC since 2010 when he was released after serving almost seven years in the NYS prison system.  Reincarcerated because of his immigration status in 2014, Khalil faced almost certain deportation, but in December 2014, he was one of two recipients of an Executive Pardon from NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo. Join us for a panel discussion with Khalil Cumberbatch and guests following a screening of the short film Bring Alvaro “Khalil” Cumberbatch Home.

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This event is part of the American Justice Film Series at Brooklyn Public Library.

What happens when we “get tough on crime”? Who is the enemy in a “war on drugs”? What does “securing our borders” really mean?

American Justice explores the ideologies and realities of the criminal justice system in the U.S. The occasional series of film screenings and panels focuses on the voices of those most affected by our move to mass incarceration and the criminalization of the poor and immigrants.

Photo credit © Larry Berkow