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BPL Presents, the programming team of Brooklyn Public Library, started the 28th Amendment Project earlier this year and, continuing the project, now invites the public online to help to draft the 28th amendment to the Constitution. The 27th amendment was added to our Constitution in 1992, so we think the time has arrived to propose another change. Through a series of online town hall forums, people of all ages and backgrounds can give voice to the most important issues facing their communities today and discuss how the U.S. Constitution supports or hinders contemporary society.

Ideas put forward during the series of virtual town hall meetings will be sent to our Framers, who will draft our Constitution’s next amendment on behalf of the people. While the result will not be a legal document, the amendment will reflect the aspirations and collective will of the people. 

Brynna Tucker is the Senior Manager of Innovation at Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). She joined the Strategy team at BPL with over 15 years of experience working with innovative people seeking to create thoughtful disruptions and meaningful change from within organizations, industries, social constructs, communities, and beyond.  She manages innovation initiatives at BPL including BKLYN Incubator, a program that generates responsive, community-centered, and staff-driven initiatives. She provides generative approaches to leadership development, collaborative practices, and change management for staff at BPL who provide immeasurable support to the communities we serve.

**Registration Required 

RSVP with your email address to join an online town hall. Registrants will receive an invitation with instructions to join the town hall for free on the Zoom platform. There is no need to download any applications or software, all you will need is a computer with audio or a telephone to participate. 

If you require closed captioning, please contact [email protected] at least three days before the town hall.  

To request a town hall in a language other than English, please contact [email protected].

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