The Polish American Ethnological Society (PAES) was founded in New Jersey in 1976. This unique organization was formed by a group of Polish immigrants connected by their interests in the difficult history and rich culture of Native Americans. They looked for a platform to satisfy a desire to further their studies in this area. By choosing Bronisław Malinowski, one of the most famous anthropologists, as their patron, they expressed the will to promote anthropological knowledge among the Polish community.

PAES, led by historian Andrew Wala, is the only Polish American organization with a clearly articulated anthropological profile. Over 40 years of PAES’ existence has resulted in 25 seminars, held in Atlantic City, during which members from US and from Poland, professionals and amateurs alike, delivered papers on various subject. Those papers are collected in three extensive volumes. The third, bilingual volume titled Indianie Lenni Lenape i inni...  (Lenni Lenape Indians and others...) was published in 2017.

PAES cooperates with the Polish Society of Friends of Native Americans (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Indian) and with the TIPI publishing house in Poland.

In the past, Andrew Wala and PAES helped many Polish researchers with arrangements in the US or aided with accommodations.

Andrew Wala was the spiritus movens of PAES from its inception. His will and determination made the activities of the organization valuable not only to the research community but also contributed to the improvement and richness of the life of the Polish community in the Atlantic City area and beyond.

This year, the 26th seminar will be held for the first time at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City.  Presentations will be conducted in Polish and English. 

Website: – Page under construction, we expect a new one up by the beginning of next year.

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Talks will be presented in English and Polish languages.



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