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Kaitlin Holt

Kaitlin Holt is the Manager of Education at the Center for Brooklyn History (CBH). Prior to joining the Brooklyn Public Library as an educator in 2013, Kaitlin worked as a public programs facilitator at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, Australia where she helped patrons track down illustrious immigrant pasts, and as an educator at the British Museum in London, England where she frolicked with mummies and the Elgin Marbles. She earned an M.A. in Museum Studies in 2010 from the University College London and B.A. in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005. Kaitlin spends all of her free time (and money) traveling to the far corners of the earth with her Aussie husband and two little girls.

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Julia Pelaez

Julia Pelaez is CBH's newest educator. She holds a M.A. in Teaching History from Bard College and has worked previously as an educator at the American Museum of Natural History. Julia advocates for the learning-disabled community, which she is a part of, to ensure that teachers are trained to integrate engaging materials and techniques to create inclusive classrooms. A true Brooklynite, Julia worked in both the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the New York Aquarium as a teen and grew up admiring her historical hero, Lady Deborah Moody, the founder of Gravesend where she has lived most of her life.

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Jen Hoyer

Jen Hoyer is an Educating Librarian with CBH's education department. She  earned her MLIS at McGill University and joined the team after running a music outreach program in South Africa, working as a school librarian in Montreal, and organizing the archives of the oldest public lending library in Canada. Jen loves helping people realize how amazing the history of their community is, and when she’s not hanging out in the Brooklyn Collection, she volunteers at Interference Archive in Gowanus.  As the team’s resident Canadian, Jen firmly believes that the alphabet ends with the letter “zed”.

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Charlie Rudoy

Charlie Rudoy is the Education Coordinator at CBH. He previously worked as an archival educator at Brooklyn Historical Society and in Brooklyn Public Library’s Office of Strategic Planning. From a community radio station in Minneapolis to a wilderness education program in New York City parks, Charlie’s varied work experience has been grounded in his love of public space and removing barriers to access to shared resources. He couldn’t be happier to work in a public library. A drummer since age 6, Charlie has played shows in the majority of states in the continental U.S. A reader since age 3, Charlie has read books on the majority of benches in Prospect Park.

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