Den of Thieves


Viral, book jacket Viral
by James Lilliefors
ISBN: 9781616950682
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In remote pockets of the Third World, a deadly virus is quietly sweeping through impoverished farming villages and shanty towns with frightening speed and potency. Meanwhile, in Washington, a three-word message left in a safe-deposit box may be the key to stopping the crisis--if, that is, Charles Mallory, a private intelligence contractor and former CIA operative, can decipher the puzzle before time runs out.



The Deathly Portent , book jacket The Deathly Portent
by Elizabeth Bailey

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Ottilia Fanshawe must stop the hysteria in Witherley after a violent murder convinces the villagers that a witch is to blame in this historical mystery from the author of The Gilded Shroud.



Midnight Alley, book jacket Midnight Alley
by Miles Corwin
ISBN: 9781608090389
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After two black men, one of them the son of a councilman critical of the Los Angeles police, are found dead in Venice, California, former paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces Ash Levine, now a top detetive in the LAPD, most sort through the Russian Mafia, war veterans and Middle Eastern archeologists to find the killer.



Life Without Parole: A Kate Conway Mystery, book jacket Life Without Parole: A Kate Conway Mystery
by Clare O'Donohue
ISBN: 0452297826
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After one of the restaurant owners featured on the reality show she is working on is murdered, Kate Conway must rely on the minds of the death row killers that she is documenting on film for another job if she is ever going to find the real killer--and convince the cops its not her.



A Land More Kind Than Home, book jacket A Land More Kind Than Home
by Wiley Cash
ISBN: 9780062088147
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A stunning debut reminiscent of the beloved novels of John Hart and Tom Franklin, "A Land More Kind Than Home" is a mesmerizing literary thriller about the bond between two brothers and the evil they face in a small western North Carolina town.



One Red Bastard, book jacket One Red Bastard
by Ed Lin
ISBN: 9780312660901
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When 1976 New York's Chinatown is thrown into turmoil by Chairman Mao's daughter's efforts to defect to the U.S., detective-in-training Robert Chow is challenged to prove his reporter girlfriend Lonnie's innocence after a Chinese representative she has interviewed is found dead.



Sacrilege, book jacket Sacrilege
by S.J. Parris
ISBN: 9780385535472
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Parris presents a gripping historical thriller set in 16th-century England and centered on the highly secretive cult of Saint Thomas Becket, the 12th-century archbishop murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.



Cloudland, book jacket Cloudland
by Joseph Olshan
ISBN: 9781250000170
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Discovering the body of a serial killer's latest victim near her home in Vermont's Upper Valley, Catherine Winslow, a former reporter for a national newspaper, teams up with a forensic psychologist to investigate the killings at the same time her ex tries to rekindle their relationship.



A Woman of Consequence: The Investigations of Miss Dido Kent , book jacket A Woman of Consequence: The Investigations of Miss Dido Kent
by Anna Dean
ISBN: 0312626843
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Refusing to believe that Penelope Lambe suffered a dangerous fall at an abbey ruin because of a ghost sighting, Miss Dido Kent uncovers a human skeleton at the scene and investigates clues linking the remains to Miss Lambe's accident.



The Fallen: A Jade de Jong Investigation, book jacket The Fallen: A Jade de Jong Investigation
by Jassy Mackenzie
ISBN: 9781616950651
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Devastated by a huge setback in her relationship with Superintendent David Patel, P.I. Jade de Jong turns for solace to environmentalist Craig Niewoudt only to be embroiled in the murder investigation of a scuba diving instructor who had recently received a cryptic postcard.



Fifteen Digits, book jacket Fifteen Digits
by Nick Santora
ISBN: 9780316176316
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A fifteen-digit bank account number holds the key to a plot involving five behind-the-scenes employees at a law firm who use discarded documents full of sensitive legal information to get rich.



The Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death: The Grantchester Mysteries, book jacket The Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death: The Grantchester Mysteries
by James Runcie
ISBN: 1608198561
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It is 1953, the coronation year of Queen Elizabeth II . Sidney Chambers, vicar of Grantchester and honorary canon of Ely Cathedral, is a thirty-two-year-old bachelor. Tall, with dark brown hair, eyes the color of hazelnuts, and a reassuringly gentle manner, Sidney is an unconventional clerical detective. He can go where the police cannot. Together with his roguish friend, inspector Geordie Keating, Sidney inquires into the suspect suicide of a Cambridge solicitor, a scandalous jewelry theft at a New Year's Eve dinner party, the unexplained death of a jazz promoter's daughter, and a shocking art forgery that puts a close friend in danger.



The Inquisitor, book jacket The Inquisitor
by Mark Allen Smith
ISBN: 9780805094268
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Possessing an uncanny ability to recognize lies, professional information retrieval expert Geiger, who refuses to use his torturous techniques on children, places his own life on the line to rescue a 12-year-old boy that a dangerous client has abducted for questioning.



The Deep Zone, book jacket The Deep Zone
by James M. Tabor
ISBN: 9780345530615
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With a terrifying pandemic threatening, scientist Hallie Leonard is sent into the world's deepest cave to find an organism that promises a cure. Alas, someone on Hallie's team wants her to fail.



A Teeny Bit of Trouble, book jacket A Teeny Bit of Trouble
by Michael Lee West
ISBN: 9780312571238
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In this hilarious follow-up to GONE WITH A HANDSOMER MAN, Charleston pastry chef Teeny Templeton witnesses a murder and discovers that her laywer-boyfriend, Coop O'Malley, has been keeping secrets.