Uni programs

Governor's Island Uni Program Schedule

This summer on Governor's Island BPL is offering regular programs at the Uni Library Lawn starting at 1pm each Saturday. All programs are made possible by the generous support of the Lauder Foundation.

May 31
Art of Mime  
World renowned performing artist, Bill Bowers, shares a short performance and teaches some of the fundamentals of mime.

June 7
Storytelling with Atiba

A story and music filled interactive experience of African Folktales by storyteller musician Atiba Wilson.

June 14
Do you believe in magic? You will after watching children’s magician Evan Paquette dazzle you with his tricks. Evan is an advocate for using magic to promote learning and incorporates many teaching moments into the performance.

June 21
Youcan the Toucan’s Rainforest Adventure

Participants experience a unique introduction to the rainforest, featuring creative drama, storytelling and puppets.

June 28
Reggae, Calypso, Folk Music with Conroy Warren

An interactive program with singing, dancing and plenty of percussion!

July 5
Rhythm and Sound
In this interactive workshop, Rex Benincasa brings audience members to the stage to play percussive instruments from around the world.

July 12
The Hampstead Stage Company Presents: The Legend of King Arthur
Join King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in this legendary story of the sword and the stone! In our quest, Merlin and Arthur battle their adversaries, Morgana Le Fay and her son, Mordred, for the rights to the sword called Excalibur and Camelot. The legend comes to life in this historic tale of medieval adventure! Through our play, we hope to encourage your children to stand up for what is right and overcome their fears.

July 19
Rolie Polie Guacamole
Holy guacamole! Frank’s musical style blend’s acoustic rock, funk and folk with catchy sing-alongs.

July 26
Magic of Amore
Amore delights audiences with his magic show, full of side-splitting comedy and audience participation.    

August 2
Sing Along with Louie

Spark your imagination as you sing, dance, act, and “shout” into the microphone with Louie.

August 9
Bubbles the Clown

The fantastic antics of Bubbles the Clown will keep you smiling.  Performer Elaine Gil encourages the entire audience to get involved, making this a delightful experience for the whole family. 

August 16
The Hampstead Stage Company Presents: Alice in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll’s immortal classic, “Alice in Wonderland”, is a wonderful tale about a young girl, whose boredom takes her on a journey of the imagination, creating a wonderland of characters. Through Alice’s imagination, ordinary everyday things become extraordinary. The words on the page come alive as Alice recites The Jabberwocky and learns how to overcome her own fears. Through this story, we hope to encourage children to enjoy using their imagination and triumph over their fears.

August 23
African Dance and Folktales
African folktales are woven through an interactive African Dance class taught by Caren Calder.

August 30
Petunia Goes to School

Petunia Penguin and polar explorer Admiral Bird transform the island into a team of Antarctic scientists.