Tablet Lending Program

The Tablet Lending Program ended on December 31, 2015.
For your reference, below is information about the Tablet Lending Program, lending policies and FAQs.
In November 2013, Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) launched a free tablet lending program for adults over the age of 17. Thanks to a generous donation by Google, the State of New York and The Fund for Public Schools, 1,000 Google Nexus 7 tablets will be available for use by our patrons and in our public programs. Each tablet will be loaded with applications that promote education and literacy, including BPL’s mobile application for our catalog, OverDrive Media Console, 3M Cloud Library, the English Language Dictionary, research based apps like EbscoHost, and Google Play & Magazine. In the future, BPL will include applications by New York City-based technology firms. The Tablet Lending Program aligns with many of BPL’s strategic goals, including improving access to information, increasing digital literacy and supporting Brooklyn’s creative community. 
Patrons will be able to borrow these tablets from several locations across the borough. Neighborhoods impacted by Superstorm Sandy will be the first to gain access to this new program. You can borrow tablets for two weeks at a time, with up to three renewals. Tablets are available at our Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Canarsie, Coney Island, Fort Hamilton, Gravesend, Gerritsen Beach,  Jamaica Bay, Kings Bay, Mill Basin, Red Hook, Sheepshead Bay, Sunset Park and Ulmer Park Libraries. These tablets are also helping BPL infuse many of our successful programs, including Homework Help, class visits and after school programs, with a rich multimedia and research experience. 
Tablet Loan Agreement
General Guidelines
Below are the terms for borrowing a Brooklyn Public Library tablet.
• You are an adult 17 years of age or older with a valid BPL library card and a current government issued ID such as a driver's license, permit, or passport.
•You are responsible for all materials associated with the tablet loan and will pay for any damages if it’s lost or stolen. These materials include: 
      • Google Nexus 7 Tablet 
      • Tablet case 
      • Charger 
      • Travel pouch
If the Tablet or related equipment is not returned, your account will be blocked and you will be charged a replacement fee of $272.
The tablet has to be returned to the same location that you borrowed it from.
The tablet has to be returned to a staff member not to a book drop or self-check kiosk. 
You will not use the tablet for illegal activities and will follow all library policies.
Lending Policy
Eligibility: Valid BPL Library Card and a current government issued photo I.D.
Loan Periods: 2 Weeks
Check-in: Tablet must be returned to the location from which it was borrowed and returned to a staff member (no book drop returns)
Borrowing Limit: 1 Per person
Renewals: 3
Holds: No
Late Charges: $1/day 
Lost/Replacement: If the Tablet is 28 days overdue, the account will be blocked and a replacement fee of $272 will be charged
Tablet FAQs / What you need to know
How can I get a Tablet? You must be 17 years of age or older with a valid library card and Government issued I.D. Fines must be under the threshold of $15.
How many can I check out at a time 1
How long may I have a tablet? 2 weeks
What if I break or lose my tablet? Lost/ replacement fee is $200 per Tablet
My loan period has expired and I have not had the opportunity to return my tablet… If the Tablet is not returned by the end of the loan period, the Tablet will incur an extended use fee of $1.00/day. After 28 days your account will be charged a replacement fee of $272.
What if I break or lose any equipment associated with the Tablet?

Lost/replacement fee for associated tablet equipment are as follows
Protective Case- $25
Travel Pouch- $12
Charger- $35

Can I renew my tablet? Yes, your tablet can be renewed 3 times for a total of 6 weeks on loan
Can I put a hold on a tablet? Unfortunately, you DO NOT have the option to place a hold on a Tablet
Tablet features… 7" display, .64lbs (290g), Slim Body, a thin bezel and a matte back. The Nexus 7 is light enough to fit easily in bags, backpacks and back pockets. This device has up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading. With this tool you can charge, grab and go.
What apps are included? Each tablet will be loaded with applications that promote education and literacy such as BPL’s mobile application for our catalog, Google Play & Magazine, Google Chrome, Overdrive Media Console, Amazon Kindle, 3M Cloud Library, Google Play Music, and Ebsco Host. Please note that internet access may be required to utilize certain apps
Can I download more apps? Yes. If you would like to download additional apps to the tablet, please visit the Google Play store.
Do I need to have a Google account? To use the device as you receive it from the library does NOT require you to have a Google account. However, to personalize the device by adding apps, music and other content, a Google account is required
How were the apps chosen? The tablet applications were selected to best relate to BPL's mission and align with its strategic goals.  
Can I have my app featured on the BPL tablets? Contact
What is the main browsing app on the tablet? The main browsing app on the tablet is Google Chrome.
Do I have unfiltered or filtered access to the internet? Google Chrome provides unfiltered access to the internet.
I want to return my tablet to a different branch than it was checked out at… Sorry, tablets MUST be returned to the branch from which it was borrowed and returned to a staff member. Tablets CANNOT be placed in a book drop or checked in at a self-check machine.
What happens when I return my tablet? Staff is instructed to conduct an inventory of the tablet upon return. Staff will check for the presence and condition of all pieces associated with the tablet. The tablet management system that is loaded to each of our Tablets, allows us to wipe clean all data and information unrelated to what was provided by BPL. 




































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