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The Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize
The Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize is Brooklyn Public Library's annual honor for Brooklyn literature sponsored by the Brooklyn Eagles and with participation from borough bookstores.  Established in 2015, this prize is awarded to one work of fiction and one work of nonfiction by authors who have lived in Brooklyn, portrayed the borough in their work or addressed themes relevant to its life and culture.

The Eagles announced announcing the 2016 prizewinners on October 21 at the Brooklyn Classic, the Eagles’ premiere annual fundraising event. The winners of the Eagles Prize each receive $2,500.

The Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize is generously supported by the Peck Stacpoole Foundation.

2016 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize Winners

Fiction                                          Nonfiction
Ways to Disappear                            Lockdown on Rikers
  by Idra Novey                                by Mary E. Buser


2016 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize Shortlists

     Fiction Shortlist                          Nonfiction Shortlist
Don't Let My Baby Do Rodeo               Lockdown on Rikers
   by Boris Fishman                               by Mary E. Buser

Ways to Disappear                              Sunny's Nights
   by Idra Novey                                    by Tim Sultan

    Bright Lines                                   Kill 'Em and Leave:
by Tanwi Nandini Islam              Searching for James Brown
                                                          by James McBride

The 2016 Literary Prize Longlists
Fiction Longlist | Nonfiction Longlist

The Literary Prize Eagles Committee
Charles Duhigg and Ashley Mihlebach, Co-Chairs

Thank you to the following BPL librarians for service on the 2016 fiction and non-fiction shortlist committees:
Krissa Cavouras (Fiction Chair), Stephanie Brueckel, David Camara, Natalie Cannestra, Kel Karpinski, Johanna Lewis, Valerie Livingston, Robert Renwick

Mark Daly (Non-Fiction Chair), Ivy Gocker, Peter Otis, Carl Fossum, Mei Yuk (Shirley) Wong, Liana Alaverdova, Yesha Naik, Stephanie Elstro

About the Brooklyn Eagles
The Brooklyn Eagles are a vibrant group of young and engaged Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) supporters, Brooklyn professionals and artists who support the Library through fundraising, advocacy and awareness-raising for Library resources. Since 2013, the Eagles have energetically volunteered their time and involved hundreds of young professionals through their service projects, happy hours, and Brooklyn Classic fundraiser. Their mission is to connect with new patrons, promote BPL as a cultural center, and build a vibrant community around the resources BPL offers. Find out more here.

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The 2015 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize Winners
Fiction: Preparation for the Next Life, by Atticus Lish

Nonfiction: The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the Twenty-first Century, by D.W. Gibson

The 2015 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize Shortlist
View the 2015 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize Shortlist

The 2015 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize Longlist
Fiction Longlist | Nonfiction Longlist