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The Advisory Committee
Peter Goldwasser, Chair
Mercedes Armillas
Elizabeth Bradley
Andrew Brent
John Coghlan
Charles Duhigg
John Duval
Robert Feldstein
Deborah Greig
Peter Goldstein
Melanie Hartzog
Sarah Johnson
Joel Kress
Nancy Lipsey
David Margalit
Ashley Mihlebach
Yolanda McBride
Kathleen McGee
Eric Munson
Joseph Musso
Shauneequa Owusu
Adam Riff
Jeremy Robbins
Elizabeth Semmens
Rashid Shabazz
Jessica Silver
Margaret Sullivan
Seble Tareke-Williams
Shin-pei Tsay
Michelle Van Ess

Brooklyn Eagles Committees

The Advisory Committee – steers the Brooklyn Eagles program, creates new commitees for special events, and guides the other committees.

Advocacy/Volunteer Committee – coordinates the Brooklyn Eagles’ involvement in BPL’s advocacy initiatives and community service projects with its Government Affairs and Volunteer departments.

Literary Prize Committee – spearheads the development of the Brooklyn Eagles Literary Award.

If you would like to get involved with any of these committees, please contact Mike Fieni, Manager of Community Engagement, at