Summer Reading 2014 - Bionics

Welcome Robot Engineers Game players!

Challenge #3: Tell a librarian how studying the human body will help you animate your robot.

How would a scientist learn to make a robot walk or breathe like a person? Find books on the human body (J 612) or visit these sites:

How the Body Works / Como funciona el cuerpo (en Espanol)

Take a tour of the human body with the The Visible Human Project!

Watch a video of Atlas the Robot walking.
The engineers at Boston Dynamics build robots. Atlas is a humanoid robot that can walk, grasp things with its hands, and analyze its environment with sensors on its head.

Play the Code Fred: Survival Mode game from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago  
Use the systems of the human body to help Fred survive a very dangerous night!

When you have completed the challenge, put on your 3D glasses and enter the Robotics Lab…

Watch the regular version of this video: