Teacher Lab

Announcing the Summer 2014 Teacher Lab:

Discovering Classroom Resources with the Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library is hosting a free, two-week course for teachers at the Central Library, August 11-22, 2014. The Teacher Lab will introduce teachers to a wide range of teaching and learning resources for practical use in the classroom.

As a course deliverable, attendees will create a unit outline and at least one lesson plan for that unit. Each attendee will receive up to 60 PD credits, issued through the NYC Department of Education Office of Library Services.

Brooklyn Public Library will select a class of 25 attendees from all applicants.

The Lab will explore:

  • Free Brooklyn Public Library resources to use in your classroom—books, digital archives, audio & video, primary source collections, and more.
  • The Brooklyn Collection—tools and techniques for researching Brooklyn history.
  • The Child’s Place for Special Needs—strategies and services for teaching to special needs.
  • Effective online searching—how to make the most of tools like Google, Wikipedia, and more.
  • Using fiction and non-fiction books, eBooks and audioBooks to grow student passion for reading and learning.
  • Free online tools for educational use—the New York Times Learning Network, the Digital Public Library of America, pbs.org, TED talks, and more.
  • The Common Core State Standards (CCSS)—practical applications for lesson planning and student engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is teaching the course?

The Teacher Lab will be taught by experienced librarians, along with special guests and subject matter experts.

What is the cost to attend?

The Teacher Lab is FREE for attendees. Lunch will be provided at no charge. The Library will not provide travel or lodging compensation.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any 4-12th grade teacher who expects to be teaching at least one class during the 2014-15 school year is eligible to apply.

What questions are on the application?

The application contains background questions, a skills & competency self-rating, and four short essay questions. Here is a complete list:

  • Contact info (Name, email & phone)
  • Educational background (degree(s) earned, add'l certifications)
  • Teaching background (# of years taught, subjects taught)
  • School/organizational info (name & location where currently teaching, type of organization, name of principal)
  • Self-rating (scale 1-5): applicant competencies
    • Rate your comfort level/expertise with the Common Core State Standards.
    • Rate your ability to use internet tools (searching, banking, shopping, entertainment, socializing).
    • Rate your ability to learn new technology and technological devices.
    • Rate your ability to find, evaluate and use new resources for teaching and learning.
  • Short essays: applicant classroom practice
    • Have you used library resources in your classroom? If so, which ones? (150 words or less)
    • Describe how you integrate technology into your classroom practice. (150 words or less)
    • How have you influenced the classroom practice of others? (150 words or less)
    • Describe your reasons for applying to the Teacher Lab and what you hope to gain. (300 words or less)
How will the Library evaluate and select the final class for the Teacher Lab?

Applicants will be evaluated based on need, abilities, grade(s) and subject(s) taught, and potential to actively mentor other teachers. In selecting the 2014 class, the Library will choose finalists who together represent a diverse group of experience and interests.

The Library will select a final class of 25 attendees and 10 waitlist.

When will applicants be notified?

Brooklyn Public Library will begin notifying applicants in June.

What are the course artifacts?

The course deliverables are: create one unit outline and at least one lesson plan in support of that unit.

Do I have to bring my own computer?

Attendees are welcome to bring personal laptops for use in the course; however the Library will provide laptops to all attendees if needed.

Who can I contact with further questions about the Teacher Lab?

Questions may be emailed to teacherlab(at)bklynlibrary.org