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Your Child's Education

NYC Schools Account
Parents of NYC public school students can access a wealth of information on their child's school performance, including attendance, test scores, and grades, with information on interpreting the data.

College for your child: It is possible!
Check out "Your Children Can Go to College. Yes They Can!". It's a handbook for immigrant parents, students, and educators to find different resources on higher education. Also available in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Bengali and Haitian Creole.

NYC Department of Education School Calendar

Free/Reduced Price Meals

Parent and Family Resources on the Common Core Learning Standards

Digital Safety and Responsibility

  • Check out Edutopia's collection of articles, videos, and other resources on internet safety, cyberbullying, digital responsibility, and media and digital literacy.
  • See Edudemics' tips for educators to help students take advantage of the technologies in school without compromising their security and privacy over the internet: is a non-profit organization offering independent reviews of New York City public schools and advice for parents.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
RIF's site provides booklists, online stories & songs, resources, and interactive activities to turn children in life-long readers.

Public & Private Schools & Programs: Grades K-12
BPL - EJIC: K-12 Schools & Program (pdf)
In this guide from our Education and Job Information Center, parents and students will find many websites to help choose and apply to public and private schools and programs, grades K-12.

Parents and Families at the Department of Education
This website offers helpful videos, tips and resources for making the most of your child's education and navigating the NYC school system.

Department of Education Alternative Schools and Programs
If the traditional classroom/school experience isn't the best fit for your teen, the Department of Education offers many options to help eligible students prepare for their futures, including day-time and evening programs located throughout the city. These schools and programs provide classes towards a diploma or GED, help explore college and career opportunities, and provide extra support with school work or issues that prevent regular school attendance.

Reading Levels in Your Child's School

Lexile Book Database
Search by Lexile measure or your child's grade.