Brooklyn's Pop-up Library Lawn

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Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library, and Queens Library have partnered with The Uni Project to create “Library Lawn,” a new, open-air library opening on Governor’s Island Saturday, June 1 and running through Labor Day.

Library Lawn is a pop-up outdoor reading room that will provide books, learning activities, and children's programming during weekends throughout the summer. Visitors will be able to borrow books "in house," register for library cards, sign up for summer reading, and get information about what's happening in each of the three New York City public library systems.

Library Lawn will be open from 12-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  Special family programs will take place every Saturday at 1pm (check full schedule of Uni programs), and other programs will take place more spontaneously throughout the weekend.

The Uni Project is dedicated to expanding a culture of learning beyond the walls of schools and libraries and into public space, by creating portable educational environments called Unis that can be dropped into almost any available street-level location. Part library, part classroom, the Uni provides a place to gather around books and learning experiences, right in the heart of neighborhoods all across New York City. The Uni project was recently awarded a 2013 Innovations in Reading Prize from the National Book Foundation.

The Uni at Department of Homeless Services Shelter Sites

Beginning in February 2014 the Uni has been rotating among Brooklyn single adult and family shelters spending up to a month at a time in each place. Residents are able to borrow materials whether or not they have a library card, and can do so easily at any time.

Besides offering a brand new collection of books developed specifically for the shelter Uni and tailored to the needs of our patrons, BPL staff provide programs such as job readiness training, book clubs, and read-alouds with kids, to name a few.

If you would like to host a Uni at your facility, you must meet the following guidelines:

  •      A secure, and large enough space for the Uni to stay while it is at the facility.  We will handle the loading in and out of the Uni.
  •      The ability to have BPL Outreach Services staff visit the facility once a week for up to 2 hours to provide reference services, programming, and upkeep (adding/re-shelving books, aiding in borrowing, signing people up for library cards, etc.)
  •      A facility located in Brooklyn

We’d love to discuss this with you more. Feel free to contact us any time! 

Call 718.230.2745 or email Leigh Hurwitz: lhurwitz@bklynlibrary.org


We are grateful to the Lauder Foundation for their generous support of the BPL UNI project.

This project is sponsored by Brooklyn Public Library’s Department of Outreach Services, which has been established with the generous support of The Charles H. Revson Foundation