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The Library offers a variety of classes on topics related to basic computing, digital media, research and social media, conducted by library staff as well as partners such as BRIC. Check the calendar of events for a full schedule of classes and workshops. Missed a class? Use the menu below to find course materials.

Basic Computer Skills | Digital Media & Design

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Basic Computer Skills

Mac Basics
The Shelby White and Leon Levy Information Commons at Central Library offers iMac design stations. This Mac Basics class introduces general concepts on Macs as well as what you need to know to use these machines at BPL.

Digital Media & Design

Capturing your Poetry
Learn how to record and exhibit your poetry using Zoom recorders and Audacity.
Digital Photo Enhancement
Take your photos to the next level through digital editing with GIMP.
Digital Camera Basics
Learn best photo practices on your personal camera.
Digital Storytelling and Enhanced Podcasting
Turn your still images into a digital video story with GarageBand.
Intro to Digital Storytelling for PC
Turn your still images into a digital video story with MovieMaker.
Logo Design with Adobe Illustrator for Beginners
Use the Pen and other Illustrator tools to make an attractive logo of your own.

Oral History and Digital Archiving Learn best practices on archiving your physical and digital photos.

Short-form Video Techniques
Steps to producing your video—from storyboarding to sharing it on the web.
Beginner's Guide to Pro Tools
Learn the basics of recording and editing audio with Pro Tools.

Internet & Research

CryptoParty Dictionary
CryptoParty is a decentralized, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography software and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public, such as the Tor anonymity network, public key encryption (PGP/GPG), and OTR (Off The Record messaging). The CryptoParty Dictionary provides basic definitions to common terms when discussing encryption and information security.
CryptoParty First-Step Security Checklist
Learn about password security, two-factor authentication, and secure messaging from this security checklist created by CryptoParty NYC.
Introduction to Basic Research
Writing a research paper for school or just interested in gathering some in-depth information? The Basic Research class reviews types of resources and how to organize yourself when conducting research.
It's in the Cloud!
There is a lot of talk about the uses and advances of cloud computing. Find out what "the cloud" is and how you can use it to your advantage, looking at Dropbox and Google Drive.
Managing Information Online
Learn how to make use of RSS feeds, web alerts, and social bookmarking. These tools are great for keeping up with the news that interests you, as well as organizing your research.

Foundation Center Database Workshop
The Foundation Center offers ways to search for grants and other funding opportunities. Their Foundation Directory Online Database is accessible at Central Library's Society, Sciences & Technology department.

Social Media

Intro to Social Media
Develop and expand your online presence through popular social networks.
Social Media for Self Promotion
This series of classes introduces social media platforms for building your own "brand." Harness the power of blogging and social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Learn to integrate media across platforms and manage multiple accounts.

  More Learning

Writing and Self Publishing
Learn the basics of creative writing and self publishing for various audiences. The slides include links to many excellent resources.