Business English - English For the Work Place

Learn English for Business and the Workplace

Brooklyn Public Library offers free advanced business English conversation classes that will prepare you for success in the workplace and in business. If you are an immigrant professional with a university degree, a business owner or just exploring new career options, these classes are for you.

  • Practice Speaking about work and business with others
  • Learn important business vocabulary
  • Meet and connect with other professionals
  • Explore library and community resources
  • Improve your understanding of American business and workplace culture

Registration is required on the first day of class.  Applicants will be screened for intermediate or advanced English proficiency.  Visit one of the participating branches for more information.

Business English  Flier
Business English Flier

This project is supported by funds from the New York State Library Adult Literacy Library Services grant program.

Locations and schedules for Business English classes

Wednesdays 5PM
10 Grand Army Plaza
Info Commons 1st Fl-Rm 5
On-going class --cycle ends June 29th, 2016
Thursday 5:30 PM
10 Grand Army Plaza
Info Commons 1st Fl-Rm 5
On-going class --cycle ends June 30th, 2016
Thursdays 6 PM
2115 Ocean Ave. (nr. Kings Highway)
On-going class --Cycle ends June 30th, 2016
Tuesdays 6 PM
5108 4th Ave. at 51st St.
On-going class --Cycle ends Thu June 28th, 2016