Downloadable Media at BPL

Downloadable Media Basics

You have more access to eBooks at BPL than ever before. There are two main catalogs where you can browse and borrow downloadable media: Downloadable Media from OverDrive (books, audiobooks, music and videos) and the 3M Cloud Library (books only).

Handouts and Guides

For more information about downloadable media, compatible devices, the downloadable media catalog and your eAccount, read the eBooks and More at BPL handout (PDF or .docx).

BPL librarians have also prepared the following guides for loading eBooks onto your Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other device:

  • Downloadable Media from OverDrive for the Kindle (PDF or .docx)
  • Downloadable Media from OverDrive for the Nook (PDF or .docx)
  • Downloadable Media from OverDrive for the iPad or iPhone (PDF or .docx)
  • Downloadable Media from OverDrive for Android (PDF or .docx)
  • Downloadable eBooks from 3M Cloud Library for all devices (PDF or .docx)
  • View eBooks and more on a desktop or a laptop computer (PDF or .docx)
  • Download MP3 audiobooks for mobile devices (PDF or .docx)
Recommended Online Resources

Our Downloadable Media Catalog's help section provides instructions for getting started and detailed information on different devices and formats. For help on specific issues, contact OverDrive's technical support.

The Kansas State Library has put together detailed guides and step-by-step instructions for the 3M Cloud Library.

eBooks on the Web: Look on our Articles & Databases page for a list of other sites where you can borrow or download free eBooks.

Eugene Public Library has compiled a useful guide to tablets and eReaders.

CNET has a 2013 holiday gift guide for tablets and eReaders with general commentary about various devices and their uses.

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