March 7, 2012




Cutting-edge machine offers on-demand access to 8 million+ titles printed in any language, and on-site self-publishing for local authors 



BROOKYLN, NY – Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) today unveiled its newly-installed Espresso Book Machine (EBM), cutting-edge technology from On Demand Books that will offer patrons instant access to over eight million titles printed in any language, and will allow Brooklyn authors to self-publish their work on site.  The machine is up and running in the Library’s main branch at Grand Army Plaza, making BPL one of the first public libraries of its size to install the machine permanently.


“There are over 130 languages spoken in Brooklyn, and nearly 50 percent of Brooklyn residents speak a language other than English at home,” said Linda E. Johnson, President and CEO of Brooklyn Public Library. “The Espresso Book Machine will allow library-goers to print and enjoy books in any language, and allow Brooklyn’s legions of authors to self-publish and see their finished work produced, hot off the press.”


Brooklyn’s diverse population will now have access to millions of titles in any language with the Espresso Book Machine, the only digital-to-print at retail solution on the market. With the push of a button, any book from EspressNet®, On Demand Books’ digital catalog of content, can be printed, bound and trimmed, creating a paperback book that is virtually indistinguishable from the publisher’s version (watch the EBM in action here). 


The Espresso Book Machine allows Brooklyn writers to self-publish their work, with the added benefit of offering their books for sale on the EBM’s catalog, making them available at EBM locations around the world. Using the EBM’s SelfEspress® software, writers can format, design, and upload their book for printing into a physical book and will soon be able to convert the print file to an e-reader format.  This feature is of particular significance to Brooklyn, which is home to a large creative community that includes many up-and-coming writers and authors. 


“Brooklyn has one of the premier library systems in the United States, serving a culturally rich and diverse community of readers and writers,” said Dane Neller, CEO of On Demand Books.  “We’re delighted that Brooklyn Public Library has chosen to partner with On Demand Books to enhance the Library’s already rich collection of books and create a community self-publishing center.” 


 The Espresso Book Machine brings convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable technology to Brooklyn readers and authors. EBM’s technology draws books from two sources – in-copyright titles made available by major publishers including HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, McGraw-Hill, Hachette, Macmillan, and O’Reilly, and titles that have fallen into the public domain and are made available as scans through the Google Books program. Espresso Book Machines have been installed in roughly 80 locations worldwide, including bookstores, libraries, and universities, and content is expected to continue to increase as EBMs are adopted by more venues around the globe. 


About the Espresso Book Machine

The EBM provides a new sales channel for publishers and vastly increases the availability of titles for physical bookstores, significantly reducing loss of sales due to books being out-of-stock.  Also, the EBM technology offers libraries and bricks-and-mortar retailers the opportunity to become community self-publishing centers, providing a new distribution platform for self-published authors.  Finally, the EBM improves overall efficiency and environmental sustainability by eliminating shipping and the return and pulping of unwanted books.


About On Demand Books
On Demand Books was cofounded in 2003 by Jason Epstein, former Editorial Director of Random House; Dane Neller, former CEO of Dean & DeLuca; and Thor Sigvaldason, former technology consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Espresso Book Machines have been placed in bookstores, libraries, universities, and other locations in the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.  In September 2010, On Demand Books and Xerox announced a partnership whereby Xerox will market, sell or lease, and service the Espresso Book Machine worldwide.  Made in the USA, Espresso Book Machines are environmentally efficient, reducing production, shipping, and waste.   For more information, go to


About Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is an independent library system for the 2.5 million residents of Brooklyn. It is the fifth largest library system in the United States with 60 neighborhood libraries. BPL offers free programs and services for all ages and stages of life, including a huge selection of books in more than 30 languages, author talks, job search help, literacy programs, public computers and the largest Wi-Fi network in the borough. BPL’s eResources, such as eBooks and eVideos, as well as catalog information, are available to customers 24 hours a day at our website:






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Brooklyn Public Library is an independent New York City library system serving the borough of Brooklyn. It is the fifth largest in the United States. Its Central Library, Business Library, and 58 neighborhood libraries offer free information, programs and computer access to people of all ages. You can reach the Library's resources of over 70 reference databases, catalog information and news 24 hours a day at