April 6, 2006

Taking a trip to Japan with your laptop or MP3 Player?
Be sure to visit first to download free digital media to enjoy during your flight!

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), in addition to offering eMusic and eBooks, now offers over 100 eVideos that can be downloaded on to personal computers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making BPL one of the first public library systems in the nation providing three forms of downloadable digital media, all free and legal, in one website.

"Without walking through a library's doors, anyone with a Brooklyn Public Library card now has 24/7 access to an ever growing collection of digital media," said Ginnie Cooper, Executive Director of Brooklyn Public Library. "eBooks, eMusic, and eVideos can all be easily downloaded from one single website onto a personal computer. I encourage all Brooklyn Public Library users to try this new service – to borrow eMusic for MP3 Players or a film to view on laptops – and make more use out of their library than ever before!"

BPL's diverse collection of adult eVideos include Hollywood classics, such as The Bicycle Thief by Vittorio De Sica, Iceman Cometh by Sidney Lumet, Bruce Brown's Endless Summer, and Charlie Chaplin comedies. The Globe Trekker adventure travel series, which explores vacation destinations around the world and other popular television series are also available. Rock and rap fans can download KISS Rock: The Nation Live, Tupac: Thug Angel: The Life of an Outlaw, and other music documentaries. For children, there is the popular Rabbit Ears series, in which faire tales are narrated by celebrities, including The Velveteen Rabbit voiced by Meryl Streep and John Henry read by Denzel Washington. BPL plans to expand its eVideo collection as more titles become available through its provider OverDrive, Inc.

To download eVideos for BPL's online collection, library users can use their AccessBrooklynCard (ABC) – BPL's multifunction library card – with a valid Personal Identification Number to log on to the BPL's website, Up to 15 eTitles – eVideos, eBooks, and eMusic can be downloaded on to a personal computer at once. Automatic returns after 14 days makes checking out a book stress-free.

For those new to digital media, BPL's website features a step-by-step Help Quick Start Guide.

BPL's eBook service continues to grow with bestselling fiction and popular children's classics.

Classical music enthusiasts can also download a wealth of complete recordings from BPL’s online eMusic collection, and in the future, BPL will expand its eMusic collection to include other genres.

Digital audio books and eBooks, eMusic and eVideo titles have been licensed through OverDrive, Inc., a leader in managing distribution of digitized content utilizing digital rights management technology (DRM) to publishers, retailers, and libraries. Additional information about OverDrive is available at

Downloading free digital media from BPL's website is easy:
1. Visit and select the "eBooks, eVideo & eAudio" icon.

2. Click on the "New to Digital Media" icon and select a free software option to install on to a personal computer.

3. Register the free software.

4. Visit Brooklyn Public Library's digital media catalog ( ) to check out free eMusic, eVideos, and eBooks.

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