Sheepshead Bay Library - Local History & Photos

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Welcome to Sheepshead Bay Branch, August 2000 Exterior View, Patrons, August 2000 Staff Photo, August 2000 Interior View, August 2000 Interior, Patrons, August 2000 Interior View, August 2000 New Books Collection, August 2000 Interior, Patron, August 2000 Exterior View of Storefront Branch, c.1910 Interior View, c.1920s Interior View, Patrons, c.1950s Exterior View, 1970s
Branch History

Sheepshead Bay was named for the sheepshead -- a large salt water fish found along the Atlantic Coast. The Sheepshead Bay Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library opened August 22, 1903 after residents of the area raised $200 as a contribution towards maintenance, and requested that a branch library be opened. The branch has moved several times over the years. On May, 1, 1925 it relocated to the southeast corner of Jerome Avenue where it remained for 27 years. In December, 1952, the branch moved once again to a new 4,000 square foot building at 2641 E. 14th Street.

The branch currently occupies a building at 2636 E. 14th Street. It opened in 1963 with 7,475 square feet of air conditioned space. Today the Sheepshead Bay Branch serves a population of 61,544 people, including a large older adult population. Recently, new Russian and Asian immigrants have settled in the area, bringing with them an increase in the number of young people using the library, and an increased demand for Russian and Chinese language books.

Famous Facts

The Holocaust Memorial Park is the first public Memorial in New York dedicated to the Holocaust victims. It is located at Shore Blvd and West End Avenue. The landmark restaurant Lundy's is located at 1901 Emmons Avenue.