Rugby Library - Local History & Photos

Welcome to Rugby Branch, October 2000 Security Guard with Children, October 2000 Interior, Child, October 2000 Interior, Children, October 2000 Reading Area, Teen, October 2000 Child at Computer, October 2000 Exterior of Original Branch, c.1950s Exterior of Branch, Feb 1966 Interior of Branch, c.1960s Skin Diving Program, 1971
Branch History

The Rugby Branch celebrates its fortieth year in its present location, having opened on the first of April, 1957, at 1000 Utica Avenue, It was the culmination of more than ten years of work by neighborhood activists to establish an attractive, well-stocked library, with materials to meet the needs of adults and children.

Upon its opening in 1957, the interior of the branch was considered the most colorful of any library in the metropolitan area -- pale blue, yellow, grey, and black with modern furniture in bright scarlets, yellows, and blues. The branch has undergone several interior renovations in the following decades. The most attractive exterior change to date is the addition of a beautifully landscaped Reading Garden, which was completed in November 1996.