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Business Resources: Finding Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals work in many areas of the field. Realtors--agents or brokers--may represent either buyer or seller. Their job is to locate a property and negotiate a lease. There are also real estate management companies and corporate property managers, mortgage brokers, relocation specialists and appraisers. The Brooklyn Board of Realtors' website provides referrals to member real estate professionals. The website for the Real Estate Board of New York provides listings for real estate professionals in Manhattan.

Directories that provide name and contact information for real estate professionals do not provide ratings or recommendations. The National Referral Roster covers real estate firms, companies and advertisers by state. The Membership Directory of the Counselors of Real Estate gives state listings. The U.S. Real Estate Register lists corporate real estate managers for large corporations. It profiles companies in the real estate profession.

To locate information on mortgage brokers, use the Thomson National Directory of Mortgage Brokers. Each state entry includes state associations, national associations, state government organizations and national government organizations.

The Employee Relocation Council (ERC) Directory is a source for people who are relocating. It lists real estate appraisers and brokers.

Directories that provide information on real estate appraisers and assessors do not provide ratings or recommendations. Sources for locating appraisers or assessors are the Directory of Professional Appraisal Services and the International Association of Assessing Officers Membership Directory and Buyer's Guide.

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice provides the guidelines that appraisers are required to follow.

The Appraisal Institute publishes the periodical Appraisal Journal for its members and others. The Language of Real Estate Appraisal, by Jeffrey D. Fisher, Robert S. Martin, and Paige Mosbaugh (1991) should help demystify the technical jargon of real estate appraisals.