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Marketing is:

  • how a business finds and keeps customers
  • a critical factor in whether a new business succeeds
  • more important than technology for a new business venture
  • a never-ending process that includes: customer knowledge, product development, pricing, packaging, distribution, advertising, sales and customer service

Two Web sites with a wealth of small business marketing resources are and Go to the Edward Lowe site for information on finding customers (do a keyword search for "customers," "market research" and other such topics). You can also learn about sales development on the Lowe site (search "customers--sales"). For direct marketing strategies click "Strategy-Direct Marketing-Smart Simple Direct-Marketing Ideas," then scroll down to "Solution." KnowThis, The Knowledge Source for Marketing, is a well organized and comprehensive introduction to many other sites. Featured sites and articles offering trends in marketing occupy the home page. On the left side bar it highlights its most popularal topics, suchs as "Promotion and Advertising "and "Market Research" and on the left side it offers links to trade associations, sample market plans and more.

For information on advertising, the American Marketing Association is a valuable resource, You may also see our subject guide Effective Advertisement. Libraries and bookstores carry many popular titles on sales and selling. At the Business Library, you might start off with How to Sell Like a Natural Born Sales Person by Gary S. Goodman and Customer Centered Selling by Robert L. Jolles.

If you wish to purchase a market research report, is an excellent source, listing reports on numerous industries and for various prices. For those individuals who prefer to hire someone to conduct research for them, the Business Library offers a number of tools to locate marketing professionals. Fortunately, a number of these resources are also available online:

Direct marketing is a popular technique and the Business Library has a number of useful resources for locating the appropriate assistance:

  • Marketing Magazine Direct Marketing Source Guide
  • Direct Marketing Market Place (available online through Lexis-Nexis, 800-227-4908)
  • Direct Marketing Association Statistical Fact Book (

Trade publications are helpful because they are current and often contain industry-specific information found nowhere else. The following titles can all be accessed via Business Source Premier as well as in person at the Business Library:

  • Advertising Age's Business Marketing
  • Journal of Consumer Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Magazine
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Review