New Book Titles

Children's Spring New Book Titles New Book Titles
Here are the New Book titles that are recommended by our youth librarians.


Global Baby Boys book jacket Global Baby Boys
by Maya Ajmera
ISBN: 9781580894401
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Time For Bed: Flip Flap Fun book jacket Time for Bed: Flip Flap Fun
by Petr Horacek
ISBN: 9780763667795
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What's In My Truck? book jacket What's In My Truck?
by Linda Bleck
ISBN: 9780545535250
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Bugs book jacket Bugs: National Geographic Kids Look & Learn
by National Geographic
ISBN: 9781426318764
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Bizzy Bear: Zookeeper book jacket Bizzy Bear: Zookeeper
by Benji Davies
ISBN: 9780763676032
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Boats Go book jacket Boats Go
by Steve Light
ISBN: 9781452129006
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Hooray for Hoppy book jacket Hooray for Hoppy!
by Tim Hopgood
ISBN: 9780374301293
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Spots in a Box book jacket Spots In A Box
by Helen Ward
ISBN: 9780763675974
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Last Stop on Market Street book jacket Last Stop On Market Street
by Matt De La Pena
ISBN: 9780399257742
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Click, Clack, Peep book jacket Click, Clack, Peep!
by Doreen Cronin
ISBN: 9781481424110
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Sleeping Cinderella book jacket Sleeping Cinderella and Other Princess Mix-Ups
by Stephanie Clarkson
ISBN: 9780545565646
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Max Finds an Egg book jacket Max Finds An Egg
by Wiley Blevins
ISBN: 9780448479941
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The Innings and Outs of Baseball book jacket The Innings and Outs of Baseball
by Jordan Brown
ISBN: 9781481428613
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Beasts of Olympus book jacket Beats of Olympus: Beast Keeper
by Lucy Coats
ISBN: 9780448461939
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Princess Pistachio book jacket Princess Pistachio
by Marie-Louise Gay
ISBN: 9781927485699
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My New Team book jacket Little Rhino: My New Team
by Ryan Howard
ISBN: 9780545674904
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Sofia Martinez My Family Adventure book jacket Sofia Martinez: My Family Adventure
by Jacqueline Jules
ISBN: 9781479557905
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Egg: Nature's Perfect Package book jacket Egg: Nature's Perfect Package
by Steve Jenkins
ISBN: 9780547959092
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Who Was Here? book jacket Who Was Here? Discovering Wild Animal Tracks
by Mia Posada
ISBN: 9781467718714
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I See A Pattern Here book jacket I See A Pattern Here
by Bruce Goldstone
ISBN: 9780805092097
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Butterfly Counting book jacket Butterfly Counting
by Jerry Pallotta
ISBN: 9781570914140
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Leontyne Price book jacket Leontyne Price: Voice of a Century
by Carole Boston Weatherford
ISBN: 9780375856068
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Mesmerized book jacket Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved A Mystery That Baffled All of France
by Mara Rockliff
ISBN: 9780763663513
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john muir wrestles a waterfall John Muir Wrestles A Waterfall
by Julie Danneberg
ISBN: 9781580895866
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Neon Aliens Ate My Homework book jacket Neon Aliens Ate My Homework and Other Poems
by Nick Cannon
ISBN: 9780545722810
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28 Days book jacket 28 Days: Moments in Black HistoryThat Changed the World
by Charles R. Smith Jr.
ISBN: 9781596438200
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The Death of the Hat book jacket The Death of the Hat: A Brief History of Poetry in 50 Objects
edited by Paul B. Janeczko; illustrated by Chris Raschka
ISBN: 9780763669638
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Fatal Fever book jacket Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary
by Gail Darrow
ISBN: 9781620915974
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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind book jacket The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
by William Kamkwamba
ISBN: 9780803740808
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The Imaginary The Imaginary
by A.F. Harrold
ISBN: 9780802738110
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Tombquest book jacket Tombquest: Book of the Dead
by Michael Northrop
ISBN: 9780545723381
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Finding Serendipity book jacket Finding Serendipity
by Angelica Banks
ISBN: 9781627791540
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The Island of Dr. Libris book jacket The Island of Dr. Libris
by Chris Grabenstein
ISBN: 9780385388467
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Story Thieves book jacket Story Thieves
by James Riley
ISBN: 9781481409193
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