Workforce1 Career Centers

Our Partnership with Workforce1

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is pleased to partner with Workforce1 to extend our services to jobseekers.  

Workforce1 is a service provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) that prepares and connects qualified candidates to job opportunities in New York City.  Their services are delivered through a network of Workforce1 Career Centers located throughout the City’s five boroughs and are available for New Yorkers age 18 and older. Recently, SBS expanded the number of Workforce1 Centers located throughout the City by partnering with public libraries, including BPL.

BPL’s Workforce1 Centers

Workforce1 Centers at BPL only provide screening and job placement recruitment services for job ready candidates—individuals who have a polished resume, interview skills, and professional attire. Jobseekers are required to schedule an appointment with a Workforce1 account manager.

Workforce1 Centers are accessible at the following BPL locations:

Central Library, located at 10 Grand Army Plaza, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Sunset Park Library, located at 5108 4th Ave. at 51st St. Lower Level, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Contacting the BPL Workforce1 Centers

Jobseekers are encouraged to call to get an appointment with an account manager at the Workforce1 Centers.  
They can call 347.765.2250 for Central and 347.296.8063 for Sunset.

They can also email both Expansion Centers to start a conversation with an account manager:
Sunset Park:

Special Events at the Workforce1 Centers

In addition to the services provided at the Workforce1 Centers, there are occasional recruitment events open to the public.  These events can be found here and also by visiting our online calendar and typing in “Workforce1.”

For some events, patrons have to meet with BPL staff at selected job readiness preparation locations described below to prepare them and ensure they are job ready for the events.

For more Workforce1 Information and Services

Patrons can visit as a resource to learn about openings throughout NYC and other recruitments events and programs.  They can even follow the Workforce1 blog to receive the latest job alerts and expert advice on career-related topics.

Patrons who want to access the full set of job readiness services provided by Workforce1 can visit the Brooklyn Workforce1 Career Center, located at 9 Bond Street. Serviced offered include:

  • Career Advisement
  • Job Preparation Workshops
  • Job Screening and Placement
  • Services for special populations
  • Recruitment Events

For Job Readiness Preparation at BPL

In addition to our print collection and resources on all aspects of the job search process, many BPL locations offer regular resume writing and interviewing workshops.  For more information on these events, visit our online calendar.

Patrons can contact BPL librarians for help to become job ready at Resume and Career Help locations.  Librarians meet patrons one on one to help with resume, interview preparation, and the job search among other things. Visit our Resume and Career Help page for more information.

Patrons can also visit Connected Communities libraries where they will not only find one on one job readiness help but also other support such as a laptop loan to use for a job search. Visit the Laptops, Workshops & Job Readiness page for more information.