Immigrant Services

Programs @ your library

The Library offers programs for immigrants in multiple languages.  See our events calendar for a full listing of programs (select language).  Visit our Arts and Culture page for cultural events at Central Library's Dweck Center.  Library programs are free and open to the public. 

Featured Events:

Books, movies and more
Borrow free books and DVDs in over 30 languages with your library card.  Our catalog is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French (select language in upper left corner).  Looking for a book in another language?  Find books in 70 languages in our catalogue.

Featured books and movies:

羊年又快到. 在这个新的一年读者们又有一些什么新愿望呢? 华人普遍都希望身体健康, 财源滚滚, 小孩听教听话, 一家和睦. 布鲁克林公共图书馆可提供各位种种题材的书籍, 帮助你实现你的新年愿景. 谨此祝大家羊年一帆风顺, 家庭平安快乐.
Keep an eye out for these popular Russian authors at your local library.
Para conmemorar y celebrar las contribuciones hechas a los Estados Unidos por las personas de ascendencia africana, les proponemos esta lista de biografías para la audiencia juvenil disponibles en la biblioteca.
Resources Guides
Free adult education classes in Brooklyn.  Learn English, improve reading and writing, study for your High School Diploma.
Books, classes, legal help and more to prepare for U.S. naturalization.
Free and low-cost legal services for immigrants.
A list of programs and resources to use your foreign degree and reconnect with your profession in the United States.
General list of support services for new Immigrants.
Links to health information in other languages.

Volunteer to welcome new immigrants to your community.  Help your fellow New Yorkers practice English, build literacy skills or prepare for citizenship.

Connect with us

Connect with the library's social networks.  Follow BKLYN Immigrants twitter feed for updates on free programs, world langauge books and learning opportunities.

Immigrant Services in the Library's Department of Outreach Services is interested in working with city agencies and community organizations to provide quality programs.  Our programming focuses on multilingual civic, cultural and educational programs for immigrant Brooklynites.  If you are interested in working with the library to offer free programs, email us or call 718.230.2715.


This project is sponsored by Brooklyn Public Library’s Department of Outreach Services, which has been established with the generous support of The Charles H. Revson Foundation