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One World, Many Stories

BPL - First 5 Years: Summer Reading 2011Enjoy stories, rhymes and songs from around the world.


Book Jacket:Global Babies/Bebés del mundoGlobal Babies / Bebés del mundo
by/por Global Fund for Children
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Lullaby: "Duérmete, mi niño"
Video of tune. This lullaby orginated in Spain and is sung throughout Latin America. A version of this song is in De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children by Jose-Luis Orozc.
Spanish English
Duérmete, mi niño, Go to sleep, my boy
duérmete solito sleep by yourself,
que cuando despiertes for when you awaken
te daré atolito I will give you cream corn soup.
Duérmete, mi niña, Go to sleep, my girl,
duérmete, mi sol, go to sleep my sun,
duérmete pedazo go to sleep,
de mi corazon piece of my heart

Video: Los pollitos dicen


Book Jacket: Hush! : A Thai LullabyHush! : A Thai Lullaby
by Minfong Ho; pictures by Holly Meade
ISBN: 0531071669
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Lullaby: "Raisins and Almonds/Rozinkes mit Mandlen
ראזשינקעס מיט מאנדלען"
This Yiddish lullaby was written by Abraham Goldfaden.
Video of tune: Raisins and Almonds
Yiddish Transliteration English
אין דעם בית המקדש In dem beys hamikdash In the temple, As she rocks her only son Yidele to sleep,
אין א ווינקל חדר In a vinkl kheyder in the corner of a chamber,
זיצט די אלמנה בת ציון אליין Zitzt di almone Bas Zion aleyn. The widow The Daughter of Zion is sitting all alone.
איר בן יחיד’ל יידעלע’ן Ir ben yokhidl Yidele As she rocks her only son
וויגט זי כסדר Vigt zi keseyder) Yidele to sleep,
און זינגט אים צום שלאפן א לידעלע שיין Un zingt im tzu shlofn a lidele sheyn She sings him a pretty song, a lullaby.
...איי, איי, איי ay-lu-lu… ay-lu-lu…
אונטער יידעלע’ס וויגעלע Unter Yidele’s vigele Under Yidele’s cradle, there
שטייט א קלאר ווייס ציגעלע Shteyt a klor vayse tzigele stands a snow-white kid
דאס ציגעלע איז געפארן האנדלען Dos tzigele is geforn handlen that has been to market
דאס וועט זיין דיין בארוף Dos vet zayn dayn baruf, It will be your calling, too -
ראזשינקעס מיט מאנדלען Rozhinkes mit mandlen Trading in raisins and almonds,
שלאף’זשע יידעלע שלאף Shlof zhe Yidele, shlof. And now sleep, Yidele, sleep.


Video: Сорока-ворона (The Black Magpie)


Book Jacket: Papa, Do You Love Me?Papa, Do You Love Me?
by Barbara Joosse; illustrated by Barbara Lavallee
ISBN: 0811842657
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Rhyme: "My Hands"
Meda Ase (may-DAH-say) means "thank you" and nantew yiye (nan tee-yee-yah) means "goodbye" in the Twi language from Ghana.
My hands say may-DAH-say (Hold up hands)
With a clap, clap, clap (Clap hands)
My feet say may-DAH-say (Point to feet)
With a tap tap tap. (Stamp feet)
Clap! Clap! Clap! (Clap hands)
Tap! Tap! Tap! (Stamp feet)
Turn myself around and bow (Turn and bow)
Nan-tee-yee-yah. (Wave goodbye)

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