First 5 Years

New Things to Do, New Things to See!

BPL - FFY, Songs and Rhymes, cartoon of a group of happy toddlersHappy New Year! Help little ones prepare for all the new things that they'll experience this year-and beyond- with these fun stories and rhymes.



Book Jacket: Biscuit's Snowy Day

Spot's First Walk
by Eric Hill
ISBN: 0399244824
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(Perform with baby on your lap.)
There's a world outside my window Clap baby's hands gently.
It's a world of color for me.  
Fiddle-dee-dee, outside my window.  
There's a world of color for me.
Rainbow, rainbow,  
Rainbow around me. Bring baby's hands to your chest.
Rainbow, rainbow, Return to clapping little baby's hands.
Rainbow around me. Bring baby's hands to your chest.


Book Jacket: Little Quack's New Friend

Little Quack's New Friend
by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Derek Anderson
ISBN: 0689868936
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"Make New Friends"
(Share this rhyme in a quiet voice.
For the tune and an animated version of the song, see this video:
Additional song lyrics are available at:
Make new friends, Clap hands.
But keep the old.  
One is silver  
And the other is gold.  
A circle is round, Make an imaginary circle using your index finger.
It has no end.  
That's how long  
I'll be your friend. Tickle your little one when you get to "friend."


Book Jacket: Arthur's First Sleepover

Arthur's First Sleepover
by Marc Brown
ISBN: 0316059560
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"The More We Get Together"
(For the tune, go to:
The more we get together, Clap hands.
Together, together.  
The more we get together,  
The happier we'll be.  
For your friends are my friends, Point to little one, then to yourself.
And my friends are your friends. Point to yourself, then to little one.
The more we get together, Continuing clapping hands together.
The happier we'll be! End with single loud clap on "be."